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Tattu Restaurant Edinburgh. When we heard that this stunningly decorated restaurant was coming to Scotland’s capital, we just knew we had to try it. A restaurant filled with cherry-blossoms, gold details, and lanterns – would the food live up to its beauty? 🌸


I’m going to start off by saying the starters were incredible! We went for the Chilli Salt Baby Squid and Chicken Truffle Shumai Dim Sum. Both were very fresh and bursting with flavour. I’d go as far as saying it’s the best calamari I’ve had. The Shumai Dim Sum were soft, delicious, and complimented well by the soy sauce.


With the starters setting the bar high, we expected the mains to be even better. Unfortunately, that wasn’t the case.

We went for the Vegetarian Chicken Black Bean Dish and the Wok Fried Angry Bird. The Wok Fried Angry Bird was cooked well, a thin chewy batter with a soft chicken underneath. However, given the name, we expected it to have more spice and there wasn’t much “anger” in this dish. In the vegetarian chicken dish, the black bean sauce was extremely salty and overpowering. Due to this, I ended up only eating the chicken and leaving the veg which was saturated in it.

Overall, pretty underwhelming especially for the price and there wasn’t much to say about the presentation either.


For drinks hubby chose his go to glass of coke and I went for the sweet skullduggery drink (non-alcoholic), which is flavoured with kiwi, blueberry and apple. It was nice, sweet and very aesthetic but slightly on the small side.

Tattu Restaurant Edinburgh Desserts

We didn’t have dessert on this occasion but aim to try it in the future. From what we could see the desserts looked good and were beautifully presented, so that may increase our rating later on.

Overall we felt disappointed. If you were going to eat here I’d highly recommend getting a range of starters and then going straight to the dessert. The mains just don’t seem worth it. Despite elegant decor, the music and close together tables created an atmosphere that felt more like the VIP area of a nightclub than a high end restaurant. Service however was good and the staff kept a positive attitude despite a very busy restaurant.

Tattu Restaurant Edinburgh Rating

2.5 Scottish unicorns out of 5. 🦄🦄🦄

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