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From the 30th of April you’ll be able to explore Edinburgh’s spooky side once again, both above and below ground. 💀 Scotland’s capital is an incredible city teeming with history and spirit(s). Deep below the cobbled streets are a series of tunnels known as “the vaults”.

These vaults mainly exist beneath Edinburgh’s South Bridge. Similar in some ways to the famous catacombs of France, they were used by merchants centuries ago before being abandoned. Once the merchants had left, some of the city’s most impoverished citizens began living there. They also became the perfect spot for criminals to get up to no good.

Perhaps one of the most famous sets of vaults are known as the Blair Street Underground Vaults. Said to be haunted by several spirits and stretching several rooms, Mercat Tours have exclusive access.

Ghost Tours of The Edinburgh Vaults

Mercat Tours run several ghost tours along Edinburgh’s Royal Mile which will be relaunching April 30th!

1. Ghostly Underground

On this tour you’ll visit some of the Royal Mile’s most mysterious closes and hear about what life was like for the citizens long ago. Tales of witches, criminals, and hangings will set the scene before you head down into the mysterious candle-lit Blair Street Vaults. Book your tickets here.

The Blair Street Underground Vaults (c) Mercat Tours

2. Doomed, Dead & Buried

Perhaps one of my favourite ghost tours is Doomed, Dead and Buried. This ghost tour is slightly longer than the others and as well as visiting the vaults, also visits the Canongate Graveyard where you’ll hear about the cannibal of the Canongate and more. All of the stories told on Mercat’s tours are real which makes them even spookier! Book your tickets here.

Graveyard (c) Mercat Tours

3. Ghostly Edinburgh

If heading underground isn’t for you quite yet, you can take a fully-outdoor ghost tour above ground visiting some of the Royal Mile’s shadowiest closes and hearing their creepy tales. Book your tickets here.

Whitehorse Close (c) Mercat Tours

4. Hidden & Haunted

This is an 18+ night time ghost tour exploring some of the more gruesome details from Edinburgh’s past. Perfect for horror enthusiasts. Book your tickets here.

Blair Street Underground Vaults (c) Mercat Tours

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