Marie Delices Creperie & Tea Room – Review

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Wandering through Edinburgh’s Morningside on a Saturday afternoon, we found everywhere to be full. Until we were lucky enough to stumble up this hidden gem, Marie Delices Creperie & Tea Room. A traditional French creperie and tea room specialising in breton crepes and galettes.

We’d never heard of or tried a galette before coming here but we were glad that we did. You might be wondering what a galette is exactly? According to Google it’s a French term that describes “various types of flat, round, or freeform crusty cakes”.

Inside of Marie Delices in Morningisde, Edinburgh.

The Galettes

I chose the salmon and cheese galette while hubby chose one with hummus, onion, olive and avocado. Both were delicious. The salmon and cheese with the sour cream went so well together. For drinks we ordered a simple chamomile tea and water. They arrived quickly and the staff were very friendly and talkative.

Overall, I think we both fell in love with this place. The decor was adorable and it has a calm atmosphere. We will definitely be returning for more.

Marie Delices Creperie & Tea Room Rating

Rating: 4 Scottish Unicorns out of 5 🦄🦄🦄🦄

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Things To Do In The Scottish Borders – Abbotsford House


Nature, scenery, and history often come hand-in-hand in Scotland. If these are things you enjoy, then Abbotsford is the perfect place to visit. Tucked away in the Scottish Borders, Abbotsford House was once home to one of Scotland’s greatest writers – Sir Walter Scott. If you’ve been to Scotland’s capital, Edinburgh, then you’ve likely seen the massive Scots monument dedicated to him.

When was Abbotsford House built?

The site was originally a small farm named Cartleyhole. Walter Scott bought the location in 1811 and gave it the name Abbotsford. Modest, as farmhouses typically are, Walter enlarged the building between 1811-1812 and made further expansions from 1816-1824, resulting in the mansion we see today.

Things to see & do at Abbotsford House

Having previously been farmland the mansion is surrounded by nature. Not only does it have a stunning garden that visitors can walk through, but it also meets with the River Tweed and has benches where visitors can stop for a rest or a quick lunch.

While we didn’t go inside on this visit, you can also enter the mansion. Adult tickets are priced at £5.70. Inside you’ll find an incredible vintage library where Walter Scott himself used to read and write. There’s also a cafe which I’m determined to go back and visit as it supposedly does some amazing scones!

Photographed by Elman

Things near Abbotsford House

Assuming you’ve traveled by car then it’s easy to stop at the nearby Tweedbank Park. As a Scottish girl from Fife that’s seen a lot of lochs, and lived in the country for 24 of my 26 years – I was amazed to see so many swans! It’s probably the first time I’ve seen them almost outnumber the ducks.

At the edge of the park you’ll find the 4-star restaurant, Herges On The Loch. If you go, definitely try the fish and chips! While the fish is a little on the small side, It’s incredibly fresh and the batter just melts in your mouth. If you sit outdoors, you can enjoy your lovely fresh meal with a beautiful view of the park, loch, and fountain.

Overall, the Scottish Borders make the perfect getaway, day-trip or staycation! Only an hours drive from Scotland’s capital, Edinburgh, the area is a peaceful contrast from the city.